Extension of RoSpaceGRID Contract

PECS Co 98050 RoSpaceGrid, CCN1: extension of contract by one year

Reason for change:

The reason for the change is due to the need of the computational support for the project (42000)98051 lead by Dr. Lucia Popa which will extend  her contract according to ESA decision for the extension (in flight) of the Planck-LFI.

Funds in addition to / in replacement of those stipulated in Article 2.1:

No additional funds requested in addition to (in replacement of) those stipulated in Article 2.1 from contract (42000)98050

Effect on other Arrangement provisions

Other Arrangement provisions are not affected

Commencement of Term: 01.01.2007

End of Term: 31.12.2012

Signed Change Notice: Change Notice Co 98050 CCN1

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